Curtain Poles & Accessories

Discover Stylish Curtain Poles and Accessories from Cheshire Curtains and Interiors

Choosing curtains that are right for your interior is one important part of your window treatment; finding accessories to complement your curtains however, is what will provide the special touch that will finish the look you want, and actually make your curtains functional.

At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock a wide range of curtains accessories – whether you are looking for pelmets, curtain tie backs, hold backs, poles and other fixings, we have them covered.

Curtain poles are what your curtains will be suspended from, so they are a vital part of your window treatment. They can be mounted from the ceiling or the wall, and are available in an selection of sizes.

Far from just a functional fixture, there are many materials to choose from to match the look of your curtains and your interior – metal, steel, wood and wrought iron are just a few examples.

There are different finishes you can choose, and you can also coordinate finials to attach to the ends of the pole. Finials come in many different shapes, materials and styles so you can be as ornate or simple as you would like to be.

Curtain tie backs or hold backs are another must have accessory to go with your curtains. They will help to hold your curtains back for when you want to fill your room with light and warmth. They also come in many styles, materials and finish.

For an economical and convenient mounting solution, Cheshire curtains and interiors also stock curtain tracks that are easy to use, durable and easy to maintain.

For those who would like to conceal curtain fixtures to achieve a perfect finish, Cheshire Curtains and Interiors also stock a wide collection of pelmets in different styles, colours and patterns to help achieve a tidy look.

There are many other fixings and curtain accessories we supply, including joiners, brackets, cord weights, track gliders, cording sets, net curtain wire, curtain dresser, valance hooks, rings and much more.

At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock curtain accessories from quality manufacturers to ensure superiority and durability. We can also offer as much advice as you need to make your purchase. Visit our showroom on Churchill Way, Macclesfield and we can discuss your project and show you our fantastic offerings.