Interior Design Trend for 2017: Linear Channel Tufting

One of the most notable trends for 2017 is the soft furnishing technique of linear channel tufting for living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. The sleek lines create a vintage feel, and an interesting contrast can be created against modern interiors. This upholstery technique gives depth and dimension to pieces with simple lines, creating a contemporary feel. The manipulation of fabric, such as velvet and leather, creates an added sense of comfort and elegance. Texture is at the forefront this season, and we will see a greater mix of traditional and classic set against sleek, cutting-edge design.

Whether vertical or horizontal, this plush design creates the feel of sophistication, whether it is used for a sofa, chair, banquette or bed headboard. For the living room, channel-tufted sofas create visual interest and have the advantage of creating the illusion of depth, as the horizontal or vertical tufts draw the eye through the space. Velvet sofas in this season’s bold jewel tones such a deep emerald greens, ruby and sapphire, add a sumptuous accent of colour in an otherwise neutral room.

For a dining room, a banquette needs to be the same height as your existing dining chairs. The channel tufting provides both comfort and support, whilst fabric such as leather can create an eclectic diner feel. A banquette also provides the advantage of adding more space to your dining area. Banquette can be custom-made to enhance the aesthetic of your dining area as well as your dining experience.

There has been a move away from the simple wooden headboards, to plush padded channel-tufted designs. Not only do they provide the ultimate level of comfort, but also off-set minimalist interior design with a textural counterpoint.  A neural fabric will allow you to make seasonal changes by adding different coloured cushions to reflect current trends.

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