Living Room Blinds

Luxury made to measure living room blinds from Cheshire Curtains

The living room is where recreational activities for the entire family take place; it is also the place your visitors will spend a lot of time in when they drop by. Therefore, the style, furnishing and décor of your living room should reflect your personality as well as the activities that take place in the room. Whether you would like your living room elegantly styled or to evoke a minimalist feel, the right living room blind can complement the look you want to achieve. At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock such an extensive range of blinds that we are confident of providing you the perfect window covering solution.

Most types of blinds are suitable for the living room. Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds and wooden blinds are all commonly used in living areas. The type of living room blind that is right for your interior depend on a variety of factors, some of which include the size of windows that you would like to cover, the amount of light flowing through into the room during the day, and the style of your interior. Talk to one of our experts at Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, they can guide you through your options and help you pick the right blind and design.

From a practical point of view, living room blinds need to be hard wearing and functional, reflecting the level of wear and tear you anticipate. Those with young children or pets may need to consider living room blinds that are easy to clean. This is especially the case if your living area incorporates a door that needs a blind covering, since the blind will be well within reach of small children and pets. In these instances, vertical or Roman blinds may be the preferred options as both types are known for being low maintenance and not prone to trapping dirt.

If evoking a unique character to your living area is your most important consideration, then speak to our staff about roller blinds, since they provide the most scope for personalisation.

At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock living room blinds from quality manufacturers. Visit our showroom and let us impress you with our extensive range available.