Save Money and Sleep Better With Blackout Blinds & Curtains

blackout blinds & curtains

Did you know that too much light when you’re trying to sleep could really interrupt your sleep pattern? Furthermore, a recent study even discovered that too much light can lead to depression if we can’t escape from it whilst we’re trying to sleep.

The best way to block out the light at bedtime, and ensure you wake up feeling fully refreshed, is to use blackout bedroom blinds or curtains.

Blackout curtains and blinds will block out the majority, if not all, of the light: perfect for ensuring that you’ll enjoy a deep, uninterrupted night’s sleep!

It’s also really important that there isn’t too much light in your room at bedtime; according to The Sleep Foundation, this can really prevent you from getting a peaceful sleep. Blackout blinds and curtains mean that your bedroom is dark as soon as you want to go to bed (even at the height of the light nights) ensuring you get off to a great night’s sleep.

All of your family will benefit from blackout curtains and blinds:

They are ideal if you or someone in your family works shifts, as sleeping in the day becomes so much easier. In fact, anyone who wants to nap in the daytime will feel the benefits of a deep, peaceful sleep- whatever the time of day.
If you have children, then blackout curtains in their rooms will prevent the light from waking them up at the crack of dawn, meaning that you might get a bit of a lie in!
They are also ideal for home cinema rooms, meaning you get the full effects of the screen as well as an authentic cinema experience!

There are other great benefits too:

  • They’re not only light-proof: they’re noise-proof too! As they’re made from a thicker material, blackout curtains and blinds help to reduce noise from outside. This is ideal for those living in cities that never sleep, or for anyone who wants to nap in the daytime without listening to the neighbors mowing the lawn! 
  • They can reduce your energy costs too, as the thick material helps contain heat in the room in the colder months, and when it’s warm outside, they block heat out of the room to keep it nice and cool, helping to create a calm sleeping environment.
  • Even better still, you won’t be wasting money on unnecessary heating and cooling, and could easily see a big saving in your energy bills!

Blackout blinds and curtains aren’t just functional: they come in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics to perfectly compliment the décor of your home.

When it comes to blinds, the most popular options are roller and Roman blinds as they block out the most light. And don’t forget that blinds can also be used together with curtains and other window dressings to create the perfect finish in any room.

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