Somfy Motors: Motorised Blinds and Curtain Tracks

Whatever your preference is for window coverings in your home, be it curtains or Roller, Venetian, Roman or Pleated Blinds, Somfy motors can be installed on all types of interior window coverings.

A motorised system means no more cables or strings that can become tangled, and with one click you can open or close your blind to suit your light requirements. No matter the size of your window, Somfy motors can be fitted in all types of blind. A motorised curtain track will allow you to open your curtains with just one click; this also means that your curtains aren’t being handled as regularly, preventing wear. All Somfy motors are concealed within your blind or curtain system, and will not cause any disruption to your decor.

Somfy’s motors are integrated with radio technology, which means that you can control your blinds from anywhere in your home giving you complete control. The secure radio transmission of the RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) system allows you to remotely control your window coverings through a remote control, automated unit or TaHoma box that will allow you to manage your home from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Handset Blind Controls

There are an extensive range of handsets with the Somfy electric blind range, 6 in total, which will allow you to chose your exact blind control requirements. When relaxing in the evening, with a single click you can instantly close your blinds for privacy and create a peaceful atmosphere. The ‘my’ setting will automatically set your blind to your preset preferred blind position.

With one click of the Telis 6 Chronis RTS handset, you can set a timer so you won’t even need to reach for the blind in the morning, but be woken by natural light. The timer system allows you to programme your blind so that they automatically open and close when you want them to. This allows you to have complete control and privacy over your home if you are away, as you can simulate being present in the home with your pre-programmed blinds.

Switch Blind Controls

For those that would prefer a simple switch system to control their blinds, there are two options in the range. Both switches are wireless, battery powered, and can be fitted quickly and easily.

The Smoove RTS wall switch is a touch sensitive control system which can operate one blind or group of blinds simultaneously. This switch gives you the capability to set the blind to open/closed with the up and down arrows, and you can also set the ‘my’ preferred blind option setting.

The second switch option is also a handset, there are two options: the Telis 1 Chronis RTS, or the Telis 6 Chronis RTS, that can be fitted into a wall peg to act as a switch.

Switch Curtain Controls

The Somfy curtain system also uses Smoove RTS wall switches for opening and closing. The curtain system comes with a number of functions: the “Touch motion” function, allows you to open and close your curtains with a simple short pull, after which the motor will automatically take over. As with the blind system the “my” button allows you to preset a favourite position. The Glydea range, allows you to set the motor at your preferred speed, allowing a soft increase of light for early mornings.

Light and Temperature Sensors

There is also the option to have a sensor fitted so that when the sun is shining you can prevent your furniture from fading, as the blinds or curtains will close when the sensor detects sunlight. The ThermoSunis Indoor Wirefree sensor can also detect temperature increase, and the window covering will close in order to keep your rooms cool in the summer months.

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