7 Tips To Keep Your Home Warm During Autumn & Winter

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Keeping your home warm this autumn and winter shouldn’t become a struggle. Returning home from the chilly weather to a cosy home is always satisfying feeling and this is why you should be aware of the many cost effective ways you can keep rooms cosy and warm throughout autumn and winter.

1. Are your curtains are lined or insulated?

This will make a huge difference. The cold air and rain that bombards our windows during the darkest months of autumn and winter can be a difficult task to overcome. Putting a thinker curtain material between your window and room can certainly help to elevate this issue. Here at Cheshire Curtains, we offer bespoke curtains that are tailor made to your preferences.

2. Light candles

Lighting candles is often an obvious option during Autumn and Winter, but it does work. Make sure you place candles in a safe place or have them protected. The heat each flame gives can transform how wonderfully warm a room feels.

3. Allow space around your radiators

In many homes, we don’t want our radiators to be the main focus, which is why many of us place furniture in front of them. Unfortunately, this blocks a lot of heat which will waste money if you constantly have the heating on. Make sure you move your heavy furniture so it isn’t in front of your radiator. You’ll soon feel the difference!

4. Kit your home out with chunky throws and quilts

How many people tend to own just one quilt? We might forget that different times of the year will require a change in our décor. During the winter it’s a great idea to swap that thin quilt for a thicker one. This means that during the night, there’s never a shiver in sight. Nothing disrupts sleep like being freezing cold which is why thicker quilts and extra throws will do the trick!

5. Opt for a small heater

These can often be a huge fire risk so it’s advised that you keep a heater at least four feet away from any flammable materials. When you turn the heating on at night, it’s warming up the whole house. You might only be spending time in one room, such as your bedroom or lounge. So why are you wasting heat on empty rooms? Instead, pop on your heater for 30 minutes and you’ll see the difference in your heating bill.

6. Add a layer on your flooring

A laminate flooring is always a safe yet stylish choice for a home, but it can get rather cold in the winter. To overcome this is issue, provide your floors with comfy rugs so that your feet never get cold. 

7. Let the sunlight in

It might be freezing outside yet, the sunlight does still play a huge part in keeping our homes toasty and warm during the winter months. You should aim to keep blinds and curtains open during the day to allow sunlight to be absorbed. You should never stop the natural light from entering your home.

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