Venetian Blinds

Stylish Bespoke Venetian Blinds For Sale in Cheshire

Venetian blinds are perfect for customers who want a window covering solution that is simple in style, practical to use and affordable in pricing. They are also a great choice for our customers because their classic design suits many different decorating styles.

At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we offer Venetian blinds in a range of sizes, materials and shades of colour to ensure we have the perfect blind to complement the interior of your room.

Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds with slats positioned one above another. The slats come in different sizes and are secured in their position by tapes or cords. Incredibly easy to use, the amount of light flowing through into a room is controlled by adjusting a cord which rotates the slats until the desired brightness is achieved.

To gain a clear view of the window and evoke maximum natural lighting, simply pull the cord which lifts the bottom slats upwards until all slats are pressed together. At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we also offer a mechanical lift system for our blinds which make this process even simpler.

In a closed position, the slats overlap one another to prevent light coming through. Apart from room darkening, the Venetian blind is extremely effective in imparting a sense of privacy and security.

In terms of looks, Venetian blinds are sleek and offer clean lines which appear simple yet timeless. They look great as coverings for both windows and doors, and are so versatile that they can complement the décor of any room including bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, study rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms and more. Not just for domestic residences, the Venetian blind also works wonderfully in a commercial setting.

At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock venetian blinds from  leading manufacturers to ensure quality and durability.

We provide a complete service to our customers, with free measuring and expert fitting services. We can also offer as much advice as you need to make your purchase. Visit our showroom at Stanley Mill, Cheshire and we can discuss your project and show you our fantastic offerings.