Vertical Blinds

Made-to-Measure Vertical Blind Suppliers in Cheshire

Vertical blinds offer a window covering solution that is both stylish and functional. At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock a wide range  of colours and textures so that you can choose the right vertical blind to perfectly complement the look of your room.

Unlike the horizontal blind, vertical blinds are made with vertical slats which rotate from an open to closed position with the use of a cord. In the closed position, slats overlap and effectively prevent any light from entering the room.

As an added feature, pulling the cord can also stack the slats to either all on one side or at each end of the window, therefore giving you a complete clear view out of the window whilst allowing the maximum amount of light to flow into your room.

They are effortless and quick to operate, so vertical blinds are a popular choice for covering sliding doors and large windows. Suitable for any rooms where a larger covering is required, vertical blinds are versatile enough for most rooms in the house.

Vertical blinds are contemporary in their look, and are an ideal complement to any modern interior. However, with a host of styles, colours and textures available, the right vertical blind can also help to create a balance of the old and the new in older properties.

Offering great control of the amount of light and privacy required, you can rotate slats easily to an angle to filter light and create the desired ambience.

From a practical point of view, vertical blinds are very low in maintenance due to the vertical slat design holding little dirt or dust. They also discourage flies and insects from entering your rooms.

At Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, we stock superior blinds from quality manufacturers. We are your one stop shop for your vertical blind needs, and can offer as much advice as you need to assist your purchase. We also offer free measuring and expert fitting services to our customers. Let us impress you further with our vertical blind offerings by visiting our showroom at Stanley Mill, Cheshire.